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About this Site and the Composer

My name is Justin Reeve. I’ve been playing the piano for over 25 years. I love performing in the community now and then, but I especially love it when the Christmas season comes around. Playing Christmas music is one of my favorite things to do.

Every Christmas season, I’m letting you decide which songs I record. Suggest a favorite song, and it’ll get added to the list. Then, in December, I’ll create a new improvisation or arrangement every day. If there’s more than 25, 12, or however many requests I take each year, the winners will be decided by a vote.

The songs on this site won’t be the best renditions you’ve ever heard — some are bound to be better than others — and there’s certainly better pianists out there than me. But I don’t think that matters. I enjoy coming up with new songs, and I love sharing them even more.

Songs for 2013

Songs for 2012

Songs for 2011

Songs for 2010

Songs for 2009


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